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What's Your Ask? with Stephanie Sims

Aug 19, 2020

Sonny Patel is the Founder and CEO of Insurmi, an AI-based engagement platform for insurance carriers. He started the company just three years ago at the age of 21 while working as a Sales Director and Financial Advisor for a top life insurance company. During that time, he realized the process of buying and selling insurance was unnecessarily cumbersome and outdated. 

Determined to change the process, Sonny worked to develop a solution that would simplify the task and take the guesswork out of insurance buying. That solution would eventually become Insurmi. Now, Insurmi is being used by top tier global insurance carriers to generate new business online, streamline customer claims, and deliver excellent customer service through conversational AI.

In this episode…

The fundraising ask requires you to prepare yourself on how to present and position the opportunity in a way that excites your investors. And to do that, Sonny Patel, CEO of Insurmi, says you have to approach it like a sales process. That involves qualifying investors to reach out to, being confident about what you’re doing, and knowing how to convert undecided investors, just to name a few. 

Listen to this episode of What’s Your Ask with Stephanie Sims as she interviews Sonny Patel, the CEO of Insurmi, about his experience of raising a million dollars in seed funding. Together, they talk about fundraising as a sales process, how to convert undecided investors, carrying out due diligence, and more.