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What's Your Ask? with Stephanie Sims

Nov 18, 2020

Today, I’m excited to talk to Ryan Tansom, entrepreneur, speaker, podcast host, author and the co-founder of Arkona!

In 2014, Ryan helped turn around their family business and then sell it for 8 figures to a local competitor. The growth and exit process was an unexpectedly difficult undertaking, but the lessons that were learned have proven to be invaluable.

He took his experience and co-founded Arkona where he created the Intentional Growth 5 Principles and Framework and hosts the popular Life After Business podcast (190+ episodes and 265k+ downloads).

Ryan’s mission is to help entrepreneurs get clarity on how to grow the value of their business with the end in mind by shifting their mindset away from annual income to focusing on long term value creation.

This new mindset will help entrepreneurs create a strategic plan that gives them the freedom of choices to do what they want with the business long term.

Welcome Ryan!

In this episode…

Ryan poses the question, is it possible to accomplish things on your own or does it hinder your growth? There are pros and cons of having partners. It depends on how you grow while maintaining equity. It is dependent on you and testing the process on your own.

During the value creation, it is the end result of value that is the investment opportunity.  

By reverse-engineering your vision, you are able to set up a plan to facilitate both financial and personal growth. You need to think about the end game in order to prepare for it. You cannot be short-sighted in reaching your goal, but also considering what happens once you reach that goal. You have to build something that is worth value. 

Listen for more on how to leverage your sustainability in value. It is an equation that goes beyond the clear goal. How sustainable is the cash flow? It’s ok to ask questions to better understand the role of a business owner.

It is like building a puzzle without a picture.

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